Tailored Marketing Services That Drive Results

Elevate Your Marketing with Customized AI and Full-Service Solutions

At Smart Chimp, we recognize that each business has unique needs and challenges. Our services are designed to meet these diverse requirements with custom-built GPTs and comprehensive marketing strategies, ensuring optimal performance and significant growth.

Custom GPT Solutions

Transform Your Business with AI Tailored Just for You

Starting at $750 per month, our custom GPTs use advanced techniques such as data modeling, content modeling, and detailed customer profiling to deliver solutions that resonate with your brand’s tone, style, and demographics. Each AI tool we develop is created from scratch to address your specific marketing challenges and objectives.

Key Features:

Data Modeling: Harnessing your data to drive AI insights and actions.

Seamlessly Extract and Utilize CRM Data with AI:

Integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) tools with our custom GPTs enables seamless data extraction and utilization. This integration allows our AI to analyze customer interactions, sales data, and preferences directly from your CRM, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of your targeted marketing campaigns. By leveraging this vital data, Smart Chimp AI tools can deliver more personalized content, predict customer needs, and automate marketing actions based on real-time insights.

Content Modeling: Crafting content that engages and converts, based on your unique brand requirements.

Branding and Tone Adjustment: Ensuring all AI outputs reflect your brand’s voice consistently.

Demographics and Customer Profiling: Utilizing detailed analyses to tailor marketing strategies to your target audience.

Client Onboarding

A Personalized Approach to Understanding Your Needs

To kick off the customization process, all clients are required to fill out an in-depth onboarding form. This form helps us build a comprehensive profile of your business, which guides the development of your custom AI, ensuring that each solution is as effective and targeted as possible.

Full-Service Marketing

Comprehensive Marketing Strategies Starting at $2,500 per Month

For businesses seeking an extensive, hands-off marketing approach, our full-service marketing packages offer a complete solution. From strategic planning to execution, we handle all aspects of your marketing efforts. This service is ideal for businesses looking to enhance their market presence without expanding their internal teams.

Services Include:

Strategic Marketing Planning: Developing long-term strategies aligned with your business goals.

Content Creation and Management: Producing and managing high-quality content across multiple platforms.

Digital Advertising: Implementing and optimizing digital ad campaigns to maximize ROI.

Social Media Management: Engaging your audience and growing your social media presence.

Analytics and Reporting: Providing detailed insights to refine tactics and strategies continuously.

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